The following list outlines the general topics that participants of the brainhack school may learn, along with representative tutorials. The exact content of the course will be defined by the material required by each project.

Existing resources:
  • Omega: the open magneto-encephalography archive.
  • INDI: the international data sharing initiative.
  • CORR: Consortium for Reliability and Reproducibility.
  • ABIDE: Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange.
  • ADHD200: Imaging data sharing in Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder.
  • NKI enhanced: community-based, lifespan imaging sample.
  • OpenNeuro: various open imaging datasets.
  • Neurovault: open brain maps (mostly activation maps).
  • Neurosynth: published activation coordinates and meta-analysis.
Tools for data sharing: